February 2019

They taught me many things like being more disciplined with my eating, sleep and exercise – even positive thinking – and the impact my choices have on people around me

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MArch 2018

It’s great to see that this long-standing partnership is going from strength to strength and continuing to deliver a quality advice service to the patient's community. This partnership had offered us the opportunities to work with many health professionals and developed better working relationships with them which has ultimately helped us to achieve better outcomes for many our clients.

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October 2018

The SAfH team definitely view the MVPs as a key vehicle for women and professionals to work together to improve maternity services. MVPs have great potential for genuine co-production, with women as partners and leaders in shaping great maternity care.

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April 2019

I know for sure, if these people did not encourage me to out every week, I would’ve stayed at home and felt lonely and depressed.

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June 2017

I have been able to influence and set an example that disabled people have a voice that a lot of disabled people want to make an impact on the health care they receive.

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December 2017

I now know I can make a contribution in the community and have developed professional practices to secure work. This is a complete transformation for me in my life.

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May 2017

The support from Social Action for Health was a back bone. It gives you a title, which allows you to engage in the NHS hierarchy. Social Action for Health is a point of reference and gives legitimacy to your voice and an extra identity.

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