Good Moves was developed in the late 90s initially only working with Bangladeshi men in a single estate in Tower Hamlets. Over the last two decades the project has grown to deliver courses to hundreds of participants from diverse backgrounds across the borough every year. Good Moves is a social and holistic service which considers all aspects of good health and wellbeing, offering additional support and longer-term befriending to vulnerable participants, long-term support for completers to continue building on their achievements, and skilling up strong completers to deliver future courses.


Any adult with diabetes, CKD, heart disease and hypertension in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, although we particularly focus on those from communities most vulnerable to health inequalities.


Peer-led, social self-management course delivered in community settings across Tower Hamlets in multiple languages, including Bengali, Somali, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, and English.

We work with multiple partners including community centres, GP surgeries, religious institutions, schools and housing associations.


Thousands of participants have completed Good Moves. They have experienced improved: 

  • Understanding and management of physical and psychological effects of chronic disease (including fatigue, pain, depression, and frustration)
  • Exercise, nutrition, and medication adherence habits
  • Effective communication with family, friends, and health professionals

Significant increase in PAM scores, with the average PAM level increasing from Level 1 (lowest) to Level 3. Significant increase in WEBWMS well-being scale scores.

In 2014 City University evaluated Good Moves using the internationally validated self assessment health improvement survey SF-36, which showed a significant improvement in health outcomes in all eight measures (e.g. physical functioning, social functioning and mental health).

Due to my illness I had to take early retirement and being ill at home all day I developed low self esteem, low confidence and social anxiety. I developed depression and became isolated. This course and particularly the week to week discussions have been very positive for me. It has helped me overcome my depression. Now I am more positive about life and moving forward. The classes have been really positive and encouraging. If I had been sent to these classes earlier, I think I wouldn’t have needed medication for my depression. Because we benefitted from the session so much, as a group we are continuing to meet once a month to support each other” – Good Moves completer

I made many friends in this group. I previously did no exercise and did not like to leave the house. We now go for swimming and walking together. This has helped me to increase my confidence level like other participants. Now I am very happy person compared to when I joined!” – Good Moves completer



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