We are expert at working with local people to research how to find and co-create solutions using a mix of tried and tested techniques. This is sometimes called Asset Based Community Development. Our method is action learning – so we can always be clear that the research will leave communities stronger and more empowered. This also gives us the framework to be creative and adaptive to each particular circumstance.

Things we do include:

  • Engaging, training and developing local people – who are expert through first hand lived experience.
  • Asset mapping, starting from desk based research, existing networks and then building the picture by facilitating an inclusive community wide approach.
  • Accessible reporting – that ensures that all stakeholders, including local people, can access and understand the information.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you to work more effectively with your local communities then please contact us...

Email us your enquiry or call our office on 020 85101970.