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If you would like to be matched to a trained Sure STEPS supporter or would like to be considered for our accredited peer support training programme please please email or call/text 07969023218

SURE steps

Sure STEPS – Support Through Early Parenting Scheme is a project that offers one –to – one peer-support for pregnant women or new mothers and parents struggling to deal with the challenges of becoming a parent from pregnancy up to the first year of the baby. We could support vulnerable mothers, including first time mums, mothers without family or a support network available (e.g. women coming from abroad who might be new to the system), as well as local mothers who already have children but need support with the arrival of a new baby.

Our peer supporters are trained to provide emotional support, a listening ear and encouragement. They are also able to make referrals to appropriate local and national services and organisations where specialist support might be needed.

We operate with an open referral system, where everybody can refer through the Sure STEPS referral form, which can be sent via email.

Next Training Dates

Venue: Wapping & Bigland Children’s Centre

Address: 15 Richard St, Shadwell, E1 2JP

Time: 9.30am-11.30am


Week 1: Monday 3rd June 2019 and Wednesday 5th June 2019

Week 2: Monday 10th June 2019 and Tuesday 11th June 2019

Week 3: Monday  17th June 2019 and Wednesday 19th June 2019

Week 4: Monday 24th June 2019 and Wednesday 26th June 2019

Week 5: Monday 1st July 2019 and Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Week 6: Monday 8th July 2019 and Tuesday 9th July 2019

Week 7: Monday 15th July 2019 and  Wednesday 17th July 2019