We all have strengths to give to create a healthier world, at Social Action for Health we bring people together to empower and support each other. We believe in leading by example.

Our way of working is to build capacity in people and communities – particularly those most affected by health inequalities. We are expert at engaging participation and then facilitating ways that people can develop their own solutions, share their expertise and see the world and opportunities in a different way. 

We benchmark ourselves against how effectively we inspire, empower and learn from each other.

We focus our work in three key areas:

Community Partnerships. We believe empowering communities involves working alongside others. We support small or new volunteer and grass roots led organisations as well as local branches of larger national bodies. Our support ranges from consortium leadership through to impact measurement reporting via Salesforce our CRM system. From contract management, technical, HR and finance processing services through to capacity building, risk and quality management as well as one-off all encompassing consultancy services. Hiring out serviced office space is also part of the package of support we offer.

Peoples health: We believe inspiring and empowering people to take control involves supporting and equipping. We do this by working with the community to deliver self-management, peer support and patient leadership projects. We also develop change agent, social action approaches that build community capacity for campaigning.

Community research:  Starting with the community is a fundamental principle of Social Action for Health’s approach. We always ask ‘will this research leave the community stronger and more able to look after its own health and wellbeing – and contribute to reducing health inequalities?’. We develop capacity, practices and delivery of action learning and asset based approaches to community development. We ensure community led research and build strategic relationships with academic institutions to be a grass roots partner.