Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation – usually between 25-40 at any one time. From the leadership and strategic expertise of our board (being a trustee of a charity is a voluntary role) right through to local people developing their employability skills. This is because:

We can empower each other – we all have strengths to contribute.

Contributing in our communities is good for our own health and well being.


There are very many good reasons why everyone should donate time to charity. We are asking you to give your time to us because:

  • We believe what we do is important for a building a healthier world.
  • We are at the heart of change, empowering communities to find their own solutions and share them.
  • Social action includes all of us, from all walks of life, working together to create solutions and make a difference.


We always ensure that when people give their time the relationship is good for us and you. As well as out of pocket expenses, this includes:

  • Personal and professional development including: experience, evidence of achievement, learning, access to training/coaching.
  • A professional reference.
  • Satisfaction from making a personal impact towards creating a healthier world and reducing health inequalities.
  • Experiencing a welcoming, diverse and friendly environment.

Together we can improve health and well being through all our communities.

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