Testimonies on some of our Patient Leaders

  • "Patient Leader was confident in sharing thoughts and ideas in the workshops we attended. She drew on her own personal experience, which really helped professionals understand a different perspective. Patient Leader made a positive contribution to the early development of our IPC programme."
  • "Patient Leader displayed confidence and mutual respect for the people around her and a willingness to listen and understand different perspectives. These invaluable skills are developing her expertise as a patient leader."
  • "Patient Leader dealt with the situation diplomatically and resolved any potential conflict escalating."
  • "Since the first session, Patient Leader started to proactively engage in all conversations as well as actively taking part in group activities and role-plays with her peers, which showed her ability to engage and interact as a good team player."
  • "Patient Leader was an active participant of the session and contributed substantially in relaying her own experiences of local health services and asking relevant questions about the impact of visits on improving health and social care services for local people."
  • "Patient Leader is an outstanding chairperson, since he became the chair of the Mental Health Task Group last year (2015), the operational management of the meetings have improved substantially e.g. he is very assertive in timekeeping the meetings; he ensures that everyone has a voice and provides them the capacity to express themselves; he ensures that no one person dominates the meetings; he summarises key points well and he is good at asking questions and holding commissioners and service providers to account."
  • "Patient Leader has spoken about how the Patient Leaders Programme has benefitted him…all of these personal development traits Patient Leader has spoken about has shone out in abundance during his active involvement with Healthwatch Tower Hamlets in the last year."