About Us


About Us 

We are a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, session workers and associates who share a passion to create a fairer society. Social and health inequalities and inequities can be found across London and we exist to take action to address them.


A world where health inequalities no longer exist and everyone can live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Working alongside diverse communities we empower people and communities to live healthier lives

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Our Charitable Objectives:

1. To preserve and protect the good health of the public within London and elsewhere within England

2. The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as are thought fit, including assistance to find employment; and

3. To develop the capacity and skills of members of socially and economically disadvantaged communities to enable them better to identify and meet their needs in order to participate more fully in society         


Health inequality

"Health inequalities are the preventable, unfair and unjust differences in health status between groups, populations or individuals that arise from the unequal distribution of social, environmental and economic conditions within societies, which determine the risk of people getting ill, their ability to prevent sickness, or opportunities to take action and access treatment when ill health occurs."

— NHS England and Public Health England, 2019


We have four aims:

1. Engage with communities most affected by health disadvantage, supporting communities to identify and build on their strengths.

2. Empower individuals and groups to be more effective in managing their own health and wellbeing as well as to pass this on in their families and communities.

3.  Facilitate communities into being influential in shaping the health and social care environment as well as the wider determinants of health.

4. Use community health development, participant leadership and peer support approaches to develop an understanding of how social action can improve the health and wellbeing of people and population groups.


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Session Workers

Aasiyah Santiago Abdul Qadim Alea  Islam Asna Hassan Asna Hassan Dega  Hassan Dymphna  Dale Ema Khan Farida Kamal Farida  Kamal Fousia  Duale Ghausia Khan Ida Scoullos Kiron  Kurien Kulsuma  Begum Most Shafali Mumu Mostafa  Kamal Murad Mhamud Murad  Mahmud My  Diep Rukhsana Khan Sadia Samreen Sahra  Ibrahim Sonia Sony Tahera  Arju


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