The Limehouse Project (LHP) has worked to respond to the needs of minority communities throughout the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for over 30 years. They work on a simple ethos established by our three founders: through the empowering of one, we can empower an entire community. They seek to empower marginalised individuals by researching, identifying, and establishing new pathways to help them overcome the personal and socio-economic barriers to self-empowerment.

Some of the services they provide are Information, advice and advocacy support, Education, training and opportunities for supported volunteering.

They offer a range of community and recreational activities / experiences for women and their families, children, the elderly, and others wanting to enhance their life experiences, opportunities that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

In addition they host the Little Limehouse Pre-School, which is a brand new and exciting Private Children’s Day Nursery in the heart of Limehouse.

“It’s great to see that this long-standing partnership is going strength to strength and continuing to deliver quality advice service to the patient's community.  This partnership had offered us the opportunities to work with many health professionals and developed better working relationship with them which has ultimately helped us to achieve better outcomes for many our clients.”  

The Limehouse Project is part of the Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links Project (THHAL) offering social welfare advice based in GP surgeries.

Advice can be accessed in the surgeries at:

Mission Practice on Tuesday 9-12.30pm

Jubiliee Street Practice Tues 9-12.30pm

Whitechapel Health Centre on Weds 9:30-12:30pm

Limehouse Practice on Wednesday 2-4.30pm

Blithehale Health Centre on Thursday 2-4:30pm

The partnership that has been realised with Social Action for Health goes far beyond the current Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links project.  We have worked with Social Action for Health on a number of heath initiatives prior to Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links inception.  Limehouse project has facilitated many of Social Action for Health, health initiatives through the close working relationship with the local community and the range of venues we have held.  

The established history of the Tower Hamlets advice network had been the reasonable choice to work and forge the partnership arrangement with existing advice agencies such as ourselves.

The Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links partnership which Limehouse Project is part of has been strengthened and developed over the years to similar values and ethos we hold.  Limehouse Projects’s delivery on this project is based on its quality assurances and its long standing delivery of advice services.  We have qualified, experienced advisors with a long history of working with the community and the dealing with advice issues as they emerge.  The Limehouse project has been flexible within the partnership with the ability to respond to the many changes it has gone through.  The shared objective that LP has is tantamount to the work the partnership across with a view to help the most vulnerable in society.  We will continue to be responsive to the needs of all stakeholders who have an interest in the partnership’s outcome and successes.

Main office: 789-791 Commercial Road, Unit 2 – St Anne Street, London E14 7HG

Telephone: 020 7538 0075

Key Contact:

Fahad Ahmed – Office Manager

Farida Yesmin - CEO