Chance meeting brings hope

Outreach into communities is essential – people don’t always know where to turn. Khalida* was at an all time low when she chanced to meet one of our outreach workers at the Barkantine Practice in Tower Hamlets. Our team was there as part of our community outreach work, sign posting and informing local people about the Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links Project.

Khaleda was experiencing severe issues in regards to her welfare benefits claims and was close to loosing everything. She explained that she felt anxious, stressed and was experiencing complete hopelessness.

Irena, who works for Social action for Health, told Khaleda about the Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links Project, and that it could assist her with the challenges she was experiencing and give her the support she needed going forward.

Khaleda booked an appointment straight away.  Following the conversation she said “you have given me hope”.

* the name is change to protect privacy. Khalida is an Asian woman in her 40’s

Practical support through bereavement

In Autumn 2016 Peter * experienced a close family bereavement and did not know which way to turn. Being homeless, with little or no social network to support him, he was at a loss about how to go about dealing with the situation – emotionally or practically.

Peter went to his GP at the Greenhouse Surgery, which is specialist in providing medical services to homeless people from across Hackney and East London. Dr Name referred Peter into the Hackney Information Advice Consortium service that runs from the surgery – because dealing with stress and anxiety is complex and there are no easy medical answers.

The advisor listened to Peter, allowing time in a familiar safe space for the multiple and complex issues to be discussed. Together they developed a step by step action plan. The advisor ensured that Peter had clear and accurate legal advice to deal with his concerns too.

Peter got the advice and support he needed in a familiar and safe environment for him. Without the assistance of our advisor, Peter would not have been able to deal with the legal complexities at such a difficult and emotional time - vital for him in resolving his legal issue. In turn, this has helped with the stress and anxiety concerns that Peter went to see his GP about.

* The name is changed, though Peter is happy for his story to be shared.