Social Action for Health and Hackney CVS share a very  similar vision and put community empowerment at the heart of how we work. We have been working together in different ways since 1997.

We benefit enormously from the networking and co-ordination that Hackney CVS do to ensure that the issues coming from the community and voluntary sector can be influential – especially in the current challenging economic environment.

This gives us the framework to contribute and share our experience, adding our voice to that of the wider  community and voluntary sector in Hackney.

Currently Rachel, CEO is an active participant in the Health and Social Care Forum. We were part of developing, and have signed up to the ‘Principals for Lead bodies in consortia’

"Social Action for Health has been a leader in Voluntary Sector partnerships around Health & Social Care for over 15  years. Social Action For Health has worked tirelessly to develop services that empower people. They’ve  also been key to creating a climate of co-operation in the Voluntary and Community Sector in Hackney which has resulted in better services for local residents." - Jackie Brett, Hackney CVS Director of Communities & Partnerships  

Hackney CVS is uniquely placed to facilitate change for the better in Hackney, and to deliver a vision for a fairer society.

They strongly believe that local people and communities should be empowered to lead the solutions to the problems they face.  All of Hackney CVS’ projects are underpinned by their aim of working for a fairer Hackney.


They have three strategic aims:

  1. Local communities and residents will have a stronger voice to influence local services as a result of the opportunities we will provide for dialogue and social action across all sectors.
  2. The local voluntary and community sector will be better able to find new and improved ways of accessing funding, resources and support.
  3. Hackney CVS becomes a stronger ‘catalyst of change’ which results in more local VCS organisations delivering user-led projects which meet the needs of residents.

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