The Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme (CDSMP) was developed by a team of researchers at Stanford University and is considered the ‘gold-standard’ of self-management. Its format and outcomes have been validated by over 300 studies globally. CDSMP is a six-week course for people with a variety of chronic health conditions. It builds participants’ confidence in managing their health and supports them to be active and engaged in their lives. Delivery is strictly managed and only offered by trained and licensed providers.

As well as delivering courses directly, Social Action for Health also host affordable and accessible tutor and master trainings to skill up organisations including CCGs, local authorities and other third sector providers.  

Who is it for?

Adults with chronic health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and arthritis. It is especially beneficial for people who have more than one health condition, whose health problems have begun to interfere with their ability to function in or enjoy their lives, or who have difficulty following health recommendations or communicating effectively with their GP.

Languages spoken

SAfH offers the CDSMP in multiple community languages. We have delivered courses in Bengali, Somali, Urdu, Nepalese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tamil and English. Please indicate your requirements when contacting us.


We primarily deliver in East London, although have worked with local authorities to deliver in boroughs across the capital such as Ealing. We host tutor and master trainings to skill up organisations, local authorities and CCGs who attend from across the UK.


CDSMP completion gives participants the tools to improve:

Understanding and management of physical and psychological effects of chronic disease (including fatigue, pain, depression, and frustration)

Exercise, nutrition, and medication adherence habits

Effective communication with family, friends, and health professionals

Completers of our CDSMP courses have shown a significant increase in PAM scores and WEBWMS scores. 

The self management course has enabled me to put a stop to the thoughts and feelings that I don’t want or can’t do something and replace with proactive inner peace. Action plan has guided me to achieve my set goals – I do regular exercise now. The whole experience has changed and empowered me, I already step into life with a new outlook. Since completing the training, I have been sharing what I have leant with my friends and family and promoting self management in Somali community