Does Hackney make you fat?

Does Hackney make you fat?

People who know first hand, campaigning to make Hackney an easier place to be a healthy weight.

We are campaigning to change Hackney so that we can help reverse growing obesity in the borough. Right now:

  • 41.3% of adults are overweight or obese
  • 49.6% of children

The big difference with our ‘Does Hackney make you fat?’ is that it is led and run by people who know the challenges of trying to reach a health weight first hand.

We believe our expertise has been over looked. Indeed our voice has been squashed by the stigma and social pressure that goes hand in hand with being overweight.

Join our campaign as a supporter or an activist. We want everyone who lives or works in the borough to support us; to be an activist you also need to be overweight.


  • Is Hackney a ‘fat friendly’ cycling borough?

    Despite having the fourth highest number of people cycling to work in England, Hackney also has a considerably large demographic of overweight and obese adults, at 41%. Read more

  • Are we being priced out of eating healthily?

    With a stagnant economy where wages have shrunk or remained the same, inflation has presided over take home pay. The cost of food, a basic staple for survival; has risen by 2.3% since the early part of this year. Read more

  • Find your natural ‘wild weight’

    Wild weight offers a non judgmental environment where participants learn about themselves and from each other. Facilitators are part of the group – knowledgeable but not teachers, and with personal understanding about the challenges of living with obesity. Read more

  • Are our parks helping or hindering obesity in the borough?

    Hackney is commonly referred to as one of the ‘greenest boroughs’ in London. Some initial research undertaken by Does Hackney makes you fat? entailed spending an hour in two of Hackney’s busiest parks. The demographic of park users presented a surprising outcome. Read more

  • Why ‘Does Hackney make you fat?’

    Obesity is not about individuals who are greedy and lazy. Some populations and communities find it harder than others to avoid being over weight – inner city living and poverty are the likely cause. Obesity is increasing year on year. Read more

  • The obesogenic environment- a ticking time bomb on our health

    The use of smartphones have allowed us to communicate with friends or colleagues thousands of miles away. Are we spending more time glued to a screen than being active? Read more

  • Mental health and obesity

    Obese people are increasingly susceptible to experiencing poor mental health. What we wish to understand is how this occurs- does obesity induce depression, or does depression cause obesity? Read more



  • Grass roots solutions to the obesity crisis

    If diets don't work - what will? Social Action for Health’s priority is to find practical community led ways to tackle the obesity crisis – not just for Hackney and East London, but potentially for a much wider impact. Your donation will help solve one of the biggest health and well-being challenges facing our society. Read more

  • Does Hackney make you fat? - Campaigning fund

    We will support community activists to raise funds that may be needed to lead and run campaigns for change. Read more

  • Self-help weight loss in Hackney

    Facilitated circles and home practice habit changing exercises will provide participants with a safe and supportive space to find their own answers to reaching a healthy weight – learning from each other. If diets don’t work, what will? Read more