2016 was the beginning of putting some of our business transformation plans into practice by beginning to sell our professional expertise in community health development.

We won work to support Aging Better in Camden. This was to work with elders from the Bangladeshi Community to explore how they could identify and lead solutions to lonliness and isolation. We used Asset Based Community Development methodology including:

  • Mapping existing knowledge, resources and networks, and extending this by listening to key community influencers. We held over 30 semi-structured interviews.
  • Holdind focus groups with Bangladeshi elders to asset map and listen. More than 25 elders from the Bangladeshi community.
  • Holding an engagement event to bring more people from the target community together with partners and decision makers in the Aging Better in Camden project. More than 70 people from the Bangladeshi community came.

Our first report mapped opportunities and made reccomendations for the priorities to continue work through a grant fund. It held surprises about priorities – especially the number of women that participated and actively wanted to lead sessions.

We then worked with community groups, supporting them to come together and building capacity so that they could bid for the grant money that would take this work forward.