Safh develops new campaigns all the time. But not only creating and implementing campaigns keep our teams busy, communication is also one of the major challenges we face. Effective communication is key for our organization.

And here we need you! You can make a major impact to lead our campaigns to success- help our team to communicate more efficiently, reach people in the community and be part of making a change.

This role will provide you a:

  • Fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your skills in PR and Communication
  • Mentor, coach and give practical support for our teams
  • Pass on your skills of PR and communication to reach the community
  • Learn about social inequalities and health issues
  • Access free training and learn / develop new skills
  • Have a portfolio of work and a worthwhile achievement to be proud of and add to your CV

We seek applications from anyone interested in the role, but particularly welcome applications from those with a background or skills in PR and Communication.

To hear the story of one of our volunteers please click here.

If you are interested to be part of our team you can find more information here: Info Pack