Chance meeting brings hope


Outreach into communities is essential – people don’t always know where to turn. Khalida* was at an all time low when she chanced to meet one of our outreach workers at the Barkantine Practice in Tower Hamlets. Our team was there as part of our community outreach work, sign posting and informing local people about the Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links Project.

Khaleda was experiencing severe issues in regards to her welfare benefits claims and was close to loosing everything. She explained that she felt anxious, stressed and was experiencing complete hopelessness.

Irena, who works for Social action for Health, told Khaleda about the Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links Project, and that it could assist her with the challenges she was experiencing and give her the support she needed going forward.

Khaleda booked an appointment straight away.  Following the conversation she said “you have given me hope”.

* the name is change to protect privacy. Khalida is an Asian woman in her 40’s

Kye Lockwood