By becoming a member you are sharing your voice and commitment to creating a fairer healthier world by building community empowerment.  As a member you will get:

Regular updates through our news letter,

Exclusive access to our member’s zone, this includes: a members blog; exclusive and reduced rate training; early bird opportunities to book sessions and a community.

Direct influence with our board of trustees, including: exclusive member’s consultations, an elected representative on the board (by January 2018) and invitation only events such as our annual community meetings.


Membership does not have a fixed cost. We invite you to make the contribution you can afford. As a guide, our recommended membership donations are:

Individuals, community members:      £20 per year

Individuals, professionals:                  £30 per year

Community organisations:                  £30 per year

Statutory/private organisations:         £80 per year

You will be asked to renew your membership each year, this is so we keep an active and up to date membership.

Membership donations will be used to support the administration of membership as well as Social Action for Health projects.