We Lead two consortia of grassroots community organsations that deliver advice from GP practices in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. This is so medical services can focus on medicine and be assured that their patients can access advice and support for a wide range of problems that also affect patients health.

Our advisors offer professional advice on welfare , housing, and debt related issues. They are well networked and able to refer people for specialist legal support and sign posting into networks of other 'social prescribing' and employability opportunities.

Our approach is person centred. We take a holistic approach, listen and action plan to support people. Our advisors deliver advice in community languages which include Bengali, Urdu, Turkish and Kurdish. We also ensure that culture and faith is understood in the advice process. Our aim is to support people to become more resilient and more able to deal with challenges in the future. We bring hope when people don't know where to turn.

Tower Hamlets - Tower Hamlets Health Advice Links Project

Advice Sessions

Barkantine Practice

Wednesday 9-12pm (Fortnightly) 

Mission Practice

Tuesday 9-1pm

XX Place Health Centre

Friday 9:30-12.30pm (Fortnightly)

Blithehale Health Centre

Thursday 2-4pm

Spitalfields Practice

Monday 1-4pm

Albion Health Centre

Friday 2-5pm

Health E1 Medical Practice

Thursday 9.30-12pm

Chrisp Street Health Centre

Tuesday 9-12pm

Limehouse Project

Wednesday 2-5pm

Island Health

Wednesday 1-4pm

Jubilee Street Surgery

Tuesday 9:30-12.30pm

Wapping Health Centre

Wednesday 2-5pm

East one/Cable Street

Monday 9-12pm (Fortnightly)

Whitechapel Health Centre

Wednesday 9:30-12.30pm

St Stephens Health Centre

Thursday 9:30-12.30pm

Bromley by Bow Centre

Monday 9:30-12:30Pm

St Pauls Way Medical Centre

Friday 9:30pm-12.30pm


Hackney - Hackney Information Advice Consortium 

Advice Sessions

Lea Surgery

Wednesday 2-4.30pm

Lower Clapton Group Practice

Friday 1.30-4pm

Well Street Surgery

Tuesday 10-1pm

Somerford Grove Practice

Monday 10-1pm

Shoreditch Park Surgery

Wednesday 9-12pm (Advice delivered in Turkish)

Telephone Advice

Call directly: 02077397026

Friday 9.30-1pm (Advice delivered in Turkish)

Heron Practice

Tuesday 2-5pm (Advice support for Carers – Book directly 02079238750)

Queensbridge Practice

Friday 2-5pm (Advice support for Carers – Book directly 02079238750)

Nightingale Practice

Tuesday 2.30-5pm

Barton House Group Practice

Tuesday 2.30-5pm

Greenhouse Practice

Tuesday 2.30-5pm