Developing Patient Leaders

Achievements - Patient Leaders(Cohort 1) The Patient Leadership Programme was launched in April 2014. The aim was to provide a programme of training and developmental support to a small group of Tower Hamlets residents to enable them to take on leadership roles in local health and social care context. This is the information was gathered through the evaluation of Cohort 1.Read more

Personal and Community capacity to manage chronic illness

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Improve Maternity

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Developing our professonal services - asset mapping in Camden

This work was focused on elders from the Bangladeshi Community and explored how they could identify and lead solutions to loneliness and isolation.Read more

Building Community Research

Since 2015, Social Action for Health has been a community delivery partner in East London Genes & Health – an internationally acclaimed piece of research that aims to reduce the particular health inequalities that affect South Asian populations. Queen Mary University London are the lead partner in developing this project that aims to build an accessible bio-data bank as the basis for research now and over the next decades.Read more

Advice services help improve health

We lead two consortia of grass roots community organisations that deliver advice from GP practices – in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. This is so medical services can focus on medicine – assured that their patients can access advice and support for a wide range of problems that also affect patients health.Read more