Does Hackney make you fat? project will be holding a public demonstration in protest at the sheer volume of takeaway shops in the borough; which are a burden on our health. Our goal is for the council to take notice, by putting a block on the number of takeaway shops in the borough

In Hackney, you are never less than 100 metres away from a takeaway shop, with Mare Street presenting a staggering 13 takeaway shops.

Many of these items are swimming in salt or fat, with chips oiled to oblivion, and meats in kebab shops artificially processed with unnatural chemicals to increase its palatability and shelf life against decay. Whilst these meals may present an easy option for those with limited time, or a family to feed, they can lead to a host cardiovascular health problems; such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. 

Come join us to protest against the fast food industry- make a stand against the obesogenic environment!

Dates to follow: 

Our public marches will always begin at our registered office, at Social Action for Health. Our march will end at Stoke Newington Town Hall

Sorry, this event is now sold out.