Good Moves courses are held in local community venues to make them accessible to the community they serve. They are also held on a weekly basis, and different courses are held at different times and days to give more flexibility and choice to the participants. As the courses are offered to a culturally diverse population they are gender specific (female, or male only) as well as mixed to increase accessibility to the local community. To make the courses as accessible as possible they are delivered in community languages (Bengali, Somali and Vietnamese)   as well as English.

The course runs for eight weeks with a 2-hour session each week. Every session is slightly different, It is a non-gym but always includes 30 minutes of gentle exercise. The seventh week of the course there is a healthy cooking class delivered so that participants can be involved in cooking a meal and take away practical tools to change their cooking and eating habits.

Benefits of attending:-

The aim of the course is to help people manage their own conditions and to reduce the frequency in which patients access primary and urgent health care by giving them the tools to manage their health better and providing a support system through the group.

Testimonies from 2 participants:-

  1. White British 56 year old female – St Pauls Church

M came into contact with the service due to her long term health conditions (high BMI, weak muscles and diabetes). M found day to day activities challenging, such as getting in and out bed, this was due to her weight and due to difficulty in moving her limbs, particularly her hips and legs, she was often short of breath. At the beginning she found the breathing exercises difficult. She also found changing position from sitting to standing difficult. The Good Moves sessions have helped her to learn the breathing techniques effectively; also applying the gentle exercise methods has helped her to move around more easily. She said that she has learned how to make positive changes to her daily life. 

M said that she found the Good Moves sessions beneficial and enjoyable. She liked how it helped her to make small changes in her daily habits with small steps at a time. She enjoyed it particularly because it was very person centred programme. The diabetes and the healthy eating information, along with the practical demonstration of how to cook and enjoy healthy dishes was a really good experience.

M said her husband, who also participated regularly, encouraged her to continue to go to the sessions. M commented that she has improved in her muscle movement and she feels much better. M together with her husband practice the breathing exercises every day and this motivated her to continue to attend: " Some of the exercises we do it together....movements of the hands, movements of the feet's, stretches, we help and remind each other"

M thoroughly enjoyed being part of a group ....." we all with our long term health condition need to be in a wider circle of activity because it benefits the mind and our helps to keep our body active. The cognitive part is the main part because when that's healthy and active then the body follows."     

    2.  Bangladeshi 52 year old female – Tarling Centre

H started the course with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. She did not have adequate knowledge on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Good Moves course increased her overall wellbeing and now she is more healthy and happy. H said that she has benefitted from learning how to make an action plan and implement it to improve her condition. She also feedback that she learned about different food groups, portion size and the impact of having a too high carbohydrate filled diet. She also learned how to cook healthy food.   She told the tutor that she has realized for the first time that participating in physical activity and eating less high fat food will keep her healthy and fit As a result of attending the course, she has now joined a local walking group and is also looking for a healthy cooking class in the local area to join to enable her to learn even more healthy recipes to cook.

The course has given her confidence to apply her new found knowledge to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and she feedback that she has enjoyed all of the sessions.


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