We live in a world where it is getting harder to live at a healthy weight – our environment is obesogenic. The food economy, including the diet industry; sedentary jobs and lives; confusing health messaging all have some part to play. Some populations and communities find it harder than others to avoid being over weight – inner city living and poverty are the likely cause. Time of life and mental wellbeing play a part too.

We want to take a different approach to finding answers:

  1. By developing solutions with the experts. The experts are those of us who know the weight battle first hand.
  2. By looking for solutions in the wider environment and at a community level rather than ‘treating fat people’.
  3. Develop campaigns for change, led by local people, which will make it easier for all Hackney residents – of all ages and across diverse communities.

Obesity is not about individuals who are greedy and lazy. 95% of people who start a weight loss diet end up heavier than when they started over a 5 year period. Medics and specialists have not got the answers – obesity is increasing year on year.

If you want to be part of making Hackney a healthier and happier place join the campaign.