In autumn 2015 Social Action for Health piloted an innovative and effective weight loss approach in Tottenham – based on empowering and holistic support circles. Learning from this, we now want to offer this in Hackney to support Does Hackney make you fat? campaigners to find their own answers to become a healthy weight. If people are giving their time to make Hackney a healthier borough – we want to support them too. Click to sponsor an activist.

The start point for our approach is that diets don’t work, we are not machines and there is huge selling and ‘shaming’ pressure that makes tackling being overweight seem impossible. We believe that the most important best

Wild weight offers a non judgmental environment where participants learn about themselves and from each other. Facilitators are part of the group – knowledgeable but not teachers, and with personal understanding about the challenges of living with obesity. We use a wide range of creative, practical and fun ways to work together that are all aimed at making healthy choices natural.