James* has been an Activist on our project Does Hackney make you fat? When we met James he said he felt empowered to join our project as he was unhappy with his body image; and wanted to make positive lifestyle changes to control his weight. 

Due to his career in care work, he often worked anti social hours; with disrupted sleep. This meant that he didn't follow a regimented exercise routine, and often failed to prepare meals for his shifts. He often ate large meals very late at night, and had fast food for dinner several times per week. 

Shortly after joining our project, he felt inspired by our campaign on takeaway shops, and decided to start regularly cooking meals in the evening. He joined one of our partner's cookery programme- Bags of Taste. This gave him the confidence to cook well on a budget.

After three months John commented how he felt more energetic, and confident in his body image. John supported our campaign on takeaway shops by volunteering to cook at our community lunch; and passing on his advice on how to eat healthily on a budget to others. 

*Name has been changed for client confidentiality.